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Download our colorful Kits Catalog to read our story and see our full range of kits for fire bowls, fire tables, fire pits and burner pans. The catalog walks you through the ordering process and also displays options for lava rock, fire glass, key valves, electrical components, remote/gas components and spare parts. See what you like? Have questions?

That’s where our team is ready to help.

component catalog

inside the component catalog

Download our comprehensive Component Catalog to learn more about our specialty parts and components, from our automated ignition products, fire options, burners, burner pans, fire bowls, fire pits, fire tables, fire/water bowls and all the parts needed to set up, maintain and repair your fire feature. The Fire by Design team stands ready to answer any questions and provide the support you need.

“ I had a great experience with these wonderful people. I needed controller valves cleaned and checked. Very little was done, which is amazing considering the pieces were 12 years old. Great product, and friendly and helpful staff. Thanks again.”

 Anthony Avvenire