Bob Roman working in shop

Our brief


Fire by Design was founded by Bob Roman in 2005. During the early years, Bob did what all other companies offering Electronic Ignition systems did – he used components that were readily available, packaged them in such a way to make them ‘weatherproof’ and sold them for ‘outdoor use’. Shortly after experiencing problems with this first fire feature, Bob began searching for a better way to create automated fire for the outdoors.

In Fall 2009, Bob met with a local engineer adept at designing circuit boards and writing the code for the boards. Eight months later after a considerable investment in time, money, and effort, the All Weather Electronic Ignition System (AWEIS) was born. Though the original AWEIS was an excellent system, we have continued to refine and improve it. We are proud to say the AWEIS is considered the “Gold Standard” when compared to other systems on the market today and we remain committed to ongoing improvements to maximize customer satisfaction.

Questions are common, but our approach is not: We love to talk with our customers to answer questions and ensure they’re ordering what they truly need and want. From preorder to installation questions and product support, our team is here to assist.

“ The outdoor fire feature industry has grown leaps and bounds over the past 10 years and in my opinion there are no better automated ignition product available.
Reliable, simple to install and unmatched performance. ”

-Bryan cline
Owner | Outdoor Fire Designs