DESIGN REVIEW – we encourage our customers to submit their fire feature plans to us for review. Though Automated Fire Features are relatively simple to plan and install it is easy to create major problems with simple mistakes. Often times we do not charge for Design Review – we are happy to do it! We know that if we can help make your installation go smoothly you will keep coming back for more! So don't hesitate to email us your plans and let us help you along the way.

CUSTOM DESIGN SERVICES - Our Design Team can design your Custom Fire Features for you. For the more complex fire features not only will we design every aspect of the feature we will also create and test mock up designs to ensure our design is going to work. We supply video and photos of mock up testing so you can be sure the design and the components you receive are going to work perfectly. In addition we can provide detailed Wiring Diagrams, Custom Installation Instructions and any other information / CAD drawings you need to get the job done. Click the links below for two examples of projects we designed and tested for our customers:

Disney Oahu Resort Firepit with Flare Up Special Effect

Fire Breathing Dragon for Private Residence

CONTRACTOR REFERRAL - through the course of time we have worked with many Contractors over the years. Many of these Contractors keep in touch with us. If you have fire features to install and you are new to Automated Fire Features often times we can find a Contractor or Subcontractor in your area that is familiar with our system. All you need to do is let us know you are looking for someone in your area to help with the fire features and we will do our best to find a Contractor in your area that we have worked with in the past.