We thank you for your interest in the Fire by Design Product line.

Over the past two years we have developed an Electronic Ignition System far surpassing anything on the market today. How did we do this? We developed a system from the ground up – keeping in mind the effects of wind and rain at all times during the development process. Listed are the highlights of our new system:

  • Controller (circuit board) programmed to compensate for the effects of wind (up to 50 mph)
  • Thermal Sensing vs. Flame Sensing which further enhances performance in the wind
  • Pilot Burner design that makes it impossible for water / debris to clog the pilot gas line
  • Waterproof Gas Valves and Controller to stand up to the effects of water
  • Small size enabling it to be installed in the tightest locations
  • Removable Pilot Burner thereby making the Igniter / Thermal Sensor a serviceable part

We invite you to view the videos on our website that clearly demonstrate the outstanding performance of our Electronic Ignition System in the most adverse weather conditions to prove to you that OURS is the best performing system on the market today!

For those customers in need of more than just our Electronic Ignition Systems we also offer decorative bowls, fire rings, and fire glass. Click on the links to the right to view our inventory of cutting edge products.

We look forward to working with you!