Tips on Purchasing/Installing Fireglass/beads

Fireglass/beads are only meant to be a Decorative "Topping" for a fire feature. For this reason you only need to purchase enough to create a layer approximately 1 ½" in depth. Underneath the fireglass/beads another filler material (such as lava rock) will be used to fill up the bowl to the level of the fire ring. We recommend then installing a screen material over the fire ring / lava rock to separate the fireglass/beads from the material below. Stucco lathe for ceiling works very well as a screen material and is available in local hardware stores. Once you have the screen material in place, simply pour the fireglass/beads on top.

To calculate 'how much' fireglass/beads you need to purchase, first calculate the surface area of the fire feature (in square feet). As an example, a round fire bowl that is 36" in diameter, has a radius of 18". Using the equation pi (3.14) x (radius) x (radius) = 3.14 x 18 x 18 = 1017 sq. inches. Since we need to find the surface area in square feet we divide 1017 by 144 (144 square inches per square foot). This results in a surface area of 7 square feet. Multiply 7 square feet by 15 lbs. and you know you need 105 lbs. of glass.

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