Q Does Fire by Design work directly with Homeowners?

A No. Due to the nature of our products, it is much safer to have a licensed professional from beginning to end.

Q What makes your Electronic Ignition System better than the rest?

A Technology - We have the ONLY system on the market today that was designed and developed for the outdoors. ALL of our competitors use 'off the shelf' components, package them to be weatherproof and then sell them for "Outdoor Use". The reality is that Electronic Ignition Systems that were designed to be used indoors were not designed to compensate for the effects of Wind and Rain. As a result all the 'other' systems on the market today do not perform well in the wind at all and are easily rendered useless after a heavy rain.

Our system on the other hand WAS developed for use outdoors and can withstand winds in excess of 55 mph AND can even be submerged without causing any damage to the unit or rendering it inoperable. Check out these videos to see the claims we make are true:

High Wind Test Video
Submersion Test Video

Small Size – measuring 4 ¼" square by 4" tall, our AWEIS (used for Fire Bowls / Pits / Troughs) system is by far the smallest Electronic Ignition System in the world thereby making it easy to install when compared to other larger, bulky systems available through others. Our Vulcan Fire Module measures 2 ½" in diameter and is 6 ½" tall – a perfect choice for the smaller diameter fire features.

Q What does AWEIS stand for?

A AWEIS stands for All Weather Electronic Ignition System.

Q Can I power your AWEIS through an Automated Pool Controller such as an Aqualink?

A Yes. Most of the installations of our systems involve an Aqualink or similar system. The key is to bring your 110v off of one of the relays (Load terminal) to power the 24v transformer that comes with our systems. If there are two fire features to power and they are both being turned on at the same time, one relay will be used to power both transformers which in turn provide power to our systems.

Q When using an Aqualink or similar, how do I control two fire features independently (one button turns one on, another button turns the other on)?

A When desiring to control two fire features independent from one another you need to use two separate relays in the Pool Controller. One relay will provide power to one feature, the other relay to the second feature.

Q If I don't have an Aqualink or similar system – is there another way I can control the fire features through the use of a handheld remote?

A Yes. We offer a Remote Control System at a very reasonable price that will enable you to control the fire features through the use of a handheld remote.

Q Can I use one AWEIS to power two different fire features?

A No. Electronic Ignition Systems have a sensor that monitors the presence of a flame. In our system our sensor actually monitors the presence of heat. There is only one sensor per Electronic Ignition System therefore you can only monitor the presence of a flame in only ONE feature at a time.

Q What happens if the flame in the fire feature is blown out by the wind?

A If the flame happens to get blown out by the wind the sensor part of our system will detect that and consequently shut itself down momentarily. Then it will reignite itself. Typical response time from flame being blown out to reigniting is 15 seconds.

Q Do I need to install a Manual Shutoff for the gas if using your system?

A Yes. National Plumbing Codes require that a Manual Shutoff for the gas be installed within 6' of the fire feature whether you are using Electronic Ignition or not. There are two good reasons to install a Manual Shutoff. First, it does not happen often but it is possible the valve inside our Remote Control Module could stick "open" after being lit. In the event this occurs, the only way to shut the flow of gas off is through the Manual Shutoff. Second, the Manual Shutoff is the best way to adjust the flame height of the fire feature. By turning the Manual Shutoff toward "off", you consequently lower the flame.

Q Do I need to turn the gas off with the Manual Gas Shutoff after turning your system off?

A No. Internal to our system there are two electric gas valves that turn the gas on / off when power is applied or removed. The only time you will have to turn the Manual Gas Shutoff valve off is if you detect a gas leak in the vicinity of the fire feature at any point in time.

Q Can I use one 24v Transformer to power more than on Electronic Ignition System?

A Yes and No. For our Tiki Torches and our Vulcan Fire Modules we supply (1) 24v by 75 VA transformers for every two features. For our AWEIS and Auto Fire on Water Surface System we supply (1) 24v by 50 VA transformer for each feature.

Q Can I connect several fire features in a row on one set of wires or do I have to install a 'home run' set of wires to each fire feature?

A Yes you can connect up to 3 fire features on one 'home run'. When connecting fire features onto the same set of wires or 'home run' be sure to use no less than 12 gauge wire. In this instance three transformers will be connected in parallel to the set of wires powering all three features. Do NOT attempt to connect more than 3 fire features on the same set of wires – the last fire features in the chain will not work properly.

Q What gauge wire should I install for your Electronic Ignition Systems?

A We highly recommend no less than 12 gauge wire for all installations.

Q Can you control your system through a spa side switch?

A Yes – but only if the spa side switch is connected to an Aqualink or some other Automated Pool Controller. We have done installs where fire features next to the spa are controlled by BOTH the handheld Remote Control that comes with the Automated Pool Controller AND the spa side switches. The control of the fire feature is exactly like a 3 way light switch in a house. You can turn the fire on by the spa from inside the house and then you can turn it off via the spa side switch once you are in the spa. The programming for this feature is done through the Remote Control that comes with the Automated Pool Controller.

Q Do you offer custom made burner bars?

A Yes. We offer custom made burner bars made with either 304 or 316 Stainless Steel, depending on the application. We can make any size or shape burner.

Q Do I need to add drainage to my fire features when using your system?

A YES. Even though our system won't be damaged by being submerged we highly recommend you provide drainage for all your fire features – electronically controlled or not.

Q Does your system work with propane?

A Yes. In applications involving propane we add a brass 'air mixer' to the outlet of our AWEIS for a nominal charge. This air mixer allows air to be drawn in to the gas plumbing as the propane gas is flowing. This added air 'leans' the propane gas which then eliminates the black smoke typical of burning 100% propane.

Q Which fire rings do you recommend for outdoor use?

A We always recommend using stainless steel fire rings only for the outdoors. Fire rings made from black steel rust quickly and will degrade the look of the flame in a relatively short amount of time. We highly recommend only using the fire rings we offer. The fire rings we offer have a hub that is elevated above the fire rings themselves. This elevated hub prevents water that enters the fire ring from getting down into our system thereby clogging it.

Q Where can I get more information about your System and the Installation of your System?

A Click here for the "Support" section of our website.

Q What forms of payment do you accept?

A We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards, Money Orders and Checks. In the event you are paying by check, once the check has cleared through our bank, we will ship your order.