Fire by Design was founded by Bob Roman in 2005. During the early years, Bob did what all other companies offering Electronic Ignition did – he used components that were readily available, packaged them in such a way to make them 'weatherproof' and sold them for 'outdoor use'.

At right is a photo of the very first feature installed by Fire by Design. Though this feature looks great in the photo, there were issues with it. Rain and wind wreaked havoc on the performance of the feature.

Shortly after experiencing the problems with this first fire feature Bob began searching for a 'better' way to create Automated Fire for the Outdoors. In the Fall of 2008 an extensive Research and Development program was launched to find that 'better' way.

It was not until the Summer of 2009 that Bob realized the only way to truly create a system compatible with the outdoors was to develop a "Controller" (programmed circuit board) that was designed and programmed to compensate for the effects of Wind and Rain. It was at that time he turned to a local engineering firm to develop this Controller.

In March of 2010 the very first controller was ready for testing. Though there were many issues with this first Controller much was learned during the testing process. Within 2 months time the final Controller was ready and the all new All Weather Electronic Ignition System (AWEIS for short) was born (pictured at right). Not only is the AWEIS the most advanced Electronic Ignition System for the outdoors it is also the smallest – making it much easier to install than other larger, bulky systems.

Though this new system was far superior to anything Fire by Design had previously offered there were still 'bugs' to work out. Over the course of the next 6 months with further refinements to the software program those problems were all but eliminated and today, Fire by Design has a system that can truly be labeled "For Outdoor Use".

The AWEIS will operate in winds in excess of 55 mph and can even operate when submerged (though we don't recommend installing it underwater). This new technology has since enabled Fire by Design to produce an extensive product line of Automated Fire Features unlike anything seen before.

To view videos showing the claims above to be true click on the links below:

Highway Wind Test Video
Submersion Test Video